Getting Close

I am completely done with the first pass at painting the boat white. It’s not the best paint job in the world… then again, it’s not that great at all. I should have asked for some help with the gel coating as I don’t know what the hell I am doing. Since I am out of paint, I will either leave it incomplete, like it is, or buy another gallon to finish the remaining coats.

I was also able to assemble and install the rigger today, which I have since removed to finish the painting. Next, I will move on to the rowing seat and install the hardware.

With 33 days remaining until the row, I need to get it to a floatable state and start training on the actual boat. I can always add more to it in the future…

The hope was to paint the top deck to be the color of the primary sponsor, but I have not yet received one. I know 10K is a lot to ask for, but it is going to a great cause, AND you get the boat for a tour or your showroom. Or, if it is better, the boat will be auctioned to raise additional funds for Lurie Children’s If you have any other ideas, please let me know.

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