Stop what you’re doing. 

Being so close to the goal is exciting and means so much to the children effected with cancer. However, with so little time remaining to raise money, I am worried we won’t make this year’s simple goal. Why does this really matter? Just ask the parents of the 100 children’s names I had on my boat honoring them and the legacy they left behind. Every single one of their parents would have rowed straight across Lake Michigan with zero training and zero support if they knew that they would have just one more day with their child, would you?

All donations go straight to research to help these kids. What I have accomplished with this row is nothing compared to what they and their families go trough every single day. 
Please help us reach this goal, in perspective, it’s so small! We are right there, and only one week remains. 

Please share this cause with your friends, skip that latte, buy those extra shoes later, skip late night munchies. 🙂 It’s so easy to make a difference, make yours… I’m making mine. 

Remember that there is a post-row fundraiser on October 14. Please support Lurie Children’s and cancer research.

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