50% of Our Goal!

Thank you everyone for the generous support in helping get closer to reaching the goal for Lurie Children’s. This entire experience has been so difficult, yet so rewarding. If you were to tell me a year ago that I would attempt to row across Lake Michigan and build my own boat, I would have said YOU were crazy. As it turns out, I am doing just that… You never know where life will take you… I can assure you that one person can make a difference!

The boat was finally painted with the gelcoat, but I needed to add one more coat, that was a major mistake… Not knowing what I am doing is making this really, really difficult. I may need to repaint the boat at some point. For now, I can use it as-is and get on the water. It doesn’t look pretty at the moment, but it will before the row.

A lot of new contributions have come in over the past few days, thank you for your support for me and for this cause. Today I came home to find that my Mom and Dad sent me some rowing gloves for training and the row. Thank you for thinking of me, and my hands!

I was up at 2 this morning and at the gym by 3… It’s been a very long day. With 30 days remaining, I need to maximize 100% of my free time to prepare, train and fundraise.

Please keep sharing this cause, hopefully a primary sponsor will step up before the boat paint and graphics are finalized. Unfortunately, there will need to be a cutoff of next week, or the boat will need to be redone if a sponsor signs up. If you know of any companies that are interested in making a difference and support childhood cancer research, please share the website.

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