Giving Birth is Painful

Giving birth is painful, I was in labor for 38 days. The boat is finally leaving the garage… I am not exactly sure for how long… Tomorrow, I will put it in Lake Michigan for the first time followed by a short trip to the Northwest Suburbs to get measured for the sponsor logos.

With just 30 days remaining, I need all the time I can get to continue training, get on the water and finalize the details. More to come about all that…

I feel like there is so much more to do, and frankly, there is. I have a list of supplies I am putting together of things I already have acquired and things I still need to get. Things like a used car battery, seat cushion, lights, etc… If anyone can think of anything I may need and wouldn’t mind lending to me for a day or two, please let me know.

Thanks to Chris Flynn for coming over and helping me get it lifted onto the Jeep. My wife is fairly useless…   …when it comes to lifting things over her head due to height inadequacies  (I may be dead by the morning)

Tomorrow should be a good day, some big things are happening, I will share the progress as it happens.

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