MIX Matters

I just returned from a pre-taping of a segment to be broadcast on 101.9fm the MIx. This segment called MIX Matters and focusses on the solutions, improving the lives of our community. I am an every day citizen trying to make change. It will air on Sunday at 6:30am.

Not being directly impacted by Neuroblastoma, I am doing my part to make a difference for the families and those directly affected by this horrible disease.

In 11 Days, I will solo-row across Lake Michigan in a homemade, one-person boat. This is my way of bringing awareness to this awful disease and the great care that they receive from Lurie Children’s and the dedicated team of Dr. Mary Beth Madonna. Her research is making a significant impact towards finding a cure.

Everyone can make a difference in the lives of a child with cancer. Everyone can be a positive role model of support and care. Even in the littlest way, YOU can “Make Your Difference”.

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