New Sponsors!

I was able to wet sand and apply another coat of paint on the boat tonight. It’s fairly smooth, and once I apply the styrene wax, it’ll be smoother. As I mentioned before, it’s not perfect, but it’s my first boat.

I reached out to a partner of Fusion92 to get the vinyl logos and wrap done today. My thought was to keep it in the family and go with a company I trust and have worked with rather than trying to find a new company. They were more than willing to help, and in fact, they offered to provide the graphics at no cost. Thank you Divine Signs for stepping up to support the efforts. Divine Signs has helped us for many years with all of our vinyl, wraps and custom graphic work. This thing is going to look great…! Next week, I’ll take the painted boat over to them for measurements and designing.

Although by building the boat I bit off ore than I can chew, it has been quite an experience. I have learned so much about my limits and lack of experience… In the end however, I know it will get me where I need to go.

Check out the new sponsors on the sponsor page! I hope there are more to come, not much time remains.

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