Waiting and Contemplating…

Waiting… Waiting… Waiting… Have you ever built a boat… well, all you do is wait… Wait to dry, wait to sand, wait to receive shipments, and wait just to wait… I am still waiting for the paint to arrive, so I am twiddling my thumbs and doing unneeded and unnecessary work on the boat. Not exactly the best use of time while I’m behind the eight ball to get this… boat on the water… I need to be training on this actual boat as soon as possible.

While I’m counting the minutes speed away faster than I can savor seconds, I am sitting here thinking about what got me to this point… Besides the overuse of ellipses and my crazy-obsessive disorder, which I call passion…

There are a lot of people that I am thankful for whom I just don’t give enough credit to… colleagues, friends, family and my wife… Rafaela… Thanks for supporting my efforts and this cause. Whether it’s coffee when I wake up, dinner when I get home, protein shakes from friends at work, fitness tips and training from amazing trainers, blenders from coworkers, or just some words of encouragement, it has been a huge help toward keeping me focussed!

There are those who support me in what I do, and there are those who support me in everything I do, then there are those who think I am crazy and delusional, Thank you to everyone, regardless of which camp you sit in… I know what I am doing, and I know why… I am creating a conversation and spreading the word. Kids are losing their lives for no real reason at all. Childhood cancers need to be treated with the same care, effort and concern as the “popular” cancers. Did you know that childhood cancers are more underfunded than adulthood cancers? Did you know that cancer is the number one killer of children in the US? Above every other cause of death… This doesn’t need to be the case, but there is no awareness, and it’s not popular. Why?

Help me spread the word about childhood cancers and the great work that Lurie Children’s provides to patients and their families! Share this with your friends, and see this “delusional” guy make a difference… because one person can!

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