Hurry Up!!! And Wait…

This has been a long process of, hurry up… and wait… and wait… and wait… I flipped the boat over in order to install the interior wall support beams and get the boat ready for the installation of the top decks. Things are taking a lot longer than expected as I need to wait for everything to cure before moving on.

In the meantime, have created a new site for Row4aCure to provide those without Facebook an easy way to see the progress and receive updates. You can see the new site at Let me know what you think.

Tomorrow, I will complete the interior of the boat and adhere the top decks. I don’t think I will have time to fiberglass the top, but I will get everything ready to start this on Monday night. Then, while I am waiting for the fiberglass to cure, I will start building the rowing seat and oar outriggers, I need to have these ready and installed before I can paint.

Once all that is completed, I need to give the boat a very thorough sanding, and it will be ready for painting. Unfortunately, I need to wait for two weeks before I can apply the actual paint…!!! Much longer than I originally thought. However, I can use the boat in the meantime while the epoxy cures. Sooner the better as I need to get on the water and training with the actual boat.

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