Don’t Take Shortcuts!

Warning… Don’t try to save some time while building a boat! I learned the hard way that you need to use the prescribed materials and supplies. Maybe someday I’ll share my adventure. For now, Just heed the warning…

I was able to redo the rigger mounts tonight and sealed the top hatch. I also added another coat of epoxy to the riggers. Tomorrow I’ll sand and wait for the paint to arrive.

I spoke to the company that I ordered the paint from, it was supposed to be here on Friday or Saturday at the latest. It turns out that there was a system glitch that kept my order in limbo… It should be here on Wednesday. That means that I lost another week in the build and won’t be on the water with the boat again this coming weekend. I could really use a break here… Under 40 days remain…

Thank you for all the donations that came in today. We are close to reaching the goal!

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