Wish List

As I am getting closer to the day, I have started to assemble the gear and supplies needed for the row. I already have gathered much of what I will need, but here is the shortlist of what remains. If you have anything that you can lend for the row, or know of any companies who want to sponsor something, please let me know.

  • Electronics
    • Solar Power Panel and Battery
    • iPad Accessories
      • GPS module for ipad mini
      • iPad mount
      • Waterproof iPad mini case
    • GPS Puck
      • Plus Tracking Site
  • Clothing
    • Gloves
    • Dry Suit
  • Boat Accessories
    • Concept 2 Oars
    • Electronic Mounts
  • Entertainment
    • Music – Offline Playlist
  • Safety
    • Flares / Emergency Notification Device
    • Smoke Signal
  • Food
    • Protein Jelly / Food
      • 48 Hours Worth
    • Water / Life Straw
      • Camel Pack x2

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