More Progress

Things are still moving a bit slowly, I have not had much time to work on the boat. I was able to finish the first complete pass at sanding. This pointed out a couple areas where I needed to re-apply some epoxy. I’ll give this a light sand tomorrow and patch up any remaining areas that need some epoxy.


The paint should arrive tomorrow, pending any other issues, I can start painting this weekend. There are a few additional items I need to finish, such as the cargo cover and cockpit sanding.

I received a surprise visit from a donor today bearing gifts, thanks Kristina!


I need to get this boat in the water as soon as possible… I was planning on building some stabilizing outriggers, but I am not sure I have the time. Hopefully, I will not need them for the row. If anyone wants to help out with them, let me know! I need to save some time and focus on the rowing.

I also had an interview from a reporter today. Once the article is published, I will share it. In regards to other media and press, I am reaching back out to those who showed interest, now that the boat is nearing completion.

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