I finished sanding the hull tonight…

Yay! In these pictures, you’ll see I am fitting on the top deck to see how it will finally look. Getting really close…

Tomorrow night and all day Saturday, I’ll be fiberglassing the outside hull. Once that has cured, I’ll flip it over in order to build the interior walls and attach the decks. Then, I need to attach and fiberglass the decks. After that, I need to get this painted while I build the rowing seat mechanism and the oar outriggers.

I am contemplating building floating outriggers as well. I am not sure how the water will be during the row, but from everything I read and hear, Lake Michigan can be more treacherous than the ocean at times. With a round bottom and long, close coastlines on each side, it can be very dangerous and unpredictable in the center…

I need some help!!! Does anyone know of any car or boat painters? I need to get this coated and I’d rather not attempt it myself… If you do, please let me know. Otherwise, I’ll be figuring out how to do this myself…

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