I sanded half of the boat and left the second half to complete tomorrow. I also stitched the top decks and the deck support beam. Due to the time required to fiberglass the hull, I will need to wait for Saturday so that I have sufficient time to dedicate at one time.

Also today, I received a great gift to help keep me in shape at work. Debbie Van Ooteghem gave me a Bullet Blender to mix my protein shakes, yum… 😦 I’ll put this int he kitchen and share it with the third floor or anyone that wants to come up.

Things are coming along great. I will most likely be at the completion point of the fiberglass and interior by the end of the weekend.

I could really use some help with the painting. If anyone knows of someone who could paint the boat, please send them my way. Initially, I am painting the boat all white and will wait for a potential sponsor to sign up and then determine the accent color. This may be accomplished with a vinyl wrap instead of paint. Again, if anyone know of a company that could help with a wrap, please let me know.

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