LandCraft Saves The Day…

I have accomplished a lot in my lifetime… I can now claim to be a boat builder, a rower, an athlete, but I still can’t claim to be a boat painter. My attempt at applying Gel Coat to the boat did not quite go as planned. I had a grand vision of what the final boat would look like, I got close…

Yesterday, I reached out to a company to see if I could this done right. My hope was that the cost and timing would be manageable for me to absorb and put towards this cause. I shared my story in a very brief email and asked for costs and timing. Within minutes, I received this response…

“Our team would be happy to paint the top deck for you and LandCraft will donate all labor and materials to get this done for you and the great cause you’re rowing for.”

First of all, the boat was sight unseen, more important, the request was from a random and desperate guy.

Within the following 24 hours, the boat was delivered. Keith, Christine and I talked through the vision, the process and shared stories of boat builds… It was a match made in heaven…

LandCraft had some great ideas and there work speaks for itself. You can tell when you meet someone if they are like minded, out of the box thinkers, creative and good hearted… LandCraft was just that… LandCraft truly stepped up in an unconditional and thoughtful way to help this great cause.

Throughout this journey, I continue to be amazed by the amount of positivity and support that keeps surfacing. My passion for helping childhood cancer research and Lurie Children’s is fueled by the love and support I receive from all those around me. This cause has touched the lives of over 100,000 unique people and traversed more than 15 countries. Great things are happening and awareness is being generated. Thank you, everyone, for your support, contributions and thoughts.

You can learn more about LandCraft by visiting the links below… Be sure to check out their newest project, a crazy-custom-supercharged-v8 WaveRunner…


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