Drop The Latte!

Tonight, I was able to finish planing and sanding the deck and inner cockpit of the boat. Tomorrow night I will glass the deck… I received the additional epoxy today! While the deck is curing, I’ll start to design and build the rowing frame and seat. I am in the final stages of the build… Then in a couple weeks, I’ll paint the boat. I am still waiting to see if I will get a primary sponsor, but time is running out and I will not be able to wait much longer. I do think I may have a couple sponsors in the running right now!

I also started a new sponsorship today, a “do you really need that coffee” sponsor. I’m asking everyone to dig deep and grab those few dollars…. Give up the latte, buy a regular coffee instead. If 1000 people contribute for this sponsorship level, EVERYONE gets their names commemorated on the boat! That’s an amazing opportunity for people to leave their legacy on a forever lasting momentum. Please think twice!

$5 – Drop The Latte!

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