Slow, But Forward.

Things are moving slow, but moving forward. I was able to trim the top deck down to the hull tonight. I will need to sand down everything to make it smoother and round the edges. After that, I will trim down and round the cockpit area where the top deck meets. Then, I am ready to fiberglass the deck… once the additional epoxy arrives…

We are getting close to the date. I have been working out continuously, building a boat and doing as much research as possible on the weather and lake conditions. I am worried that I am running out of time, but I am confident that if I keep things up at this pace, I will achieve the goal.

Thanks again for all the support. Although the financial contributions will go a long way to help with the Neuroblastoma cancer research, I selfishly appreciate the emotional support, I need it. This row will be the most physically and mentally exhausting achievement of my life, I hope that my effort will help raise awareness of Neuroblastoma and the great work that Lurie Children’s accomplishes everyday.

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