A lot has been happening.

Today I had the second session at HiFi with Janell, the personal trainer, who has thoughtfully contributed her time and energy. I feel sorry for her, I am probably the worst client she has… I try my best, but I don’t feel it is quite enough. With such little time remaining, I need to give it everything I have. Thanks Janell for putting up with me and accelerating my training…

Also while at work, I received a waterproof marine radio that I will use to monitor the lake conditions and call for help if needed. This was contributed by the same benefactor that provided the rowing life vest. I hope I don’t need to use the radio, but it will definitely put some minds at ease, both mine and those around me.

After work, I was able to lay the remaining fiberglass and seal the interior of the boat. Thanks to my wife, Rafaela, for the help applying the fiberglass… I’m sure this is the last thing you wanted to be doing on a Monday night. This will take 24 hours to cure, and by tomorrow I can flip the boat and work on the outside of the shell. This will require lots of sanding and the application of the outer fiberglass. I expect this process to take two days, one to sand / clean and the second to apply the fiberglass and cure.

Then to top it off, I found out that this cause received two donations today. Debbie Van Ooteghem and Jon Dean from Fusion92 both gave $500, making today the single largest donation day to date. Thank you both for believing in me and backing up my passion to support Lurie Children’s and find a cure for Neuroblastoma. I hope there isn’t a side bet going on… 🙂

I have a long way to go with the training, the boat build, soliciting donations and other ancillary tasks. Too much to name, however soon I will create a list that I can publish. I can use all the help in the world…

Stay tuned for a post tomorrow on the boat progress and other updates.

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