First Sponsors!

Today was a big day… I started out the day with training at lunch. I am so grateful, and have been so lucky, to have both a strength coach and an elite gym dedicate their time and facility to help me reach my goal to solo-row across Lake Michigan. Their contributions have enabled me to gain access to otherwise unavailable resources.

Janell Arroyo,, pushed me to limits that I never knew actually existed. She has agreed to work with me, in a highly compressed timeline, and prepare for the row. She has gone above and beyond to create a rigorous schedule of strength endurance workouts that will help to prepare me for the 65 mile row. I was not really aware of this, but training for a physical activity like this would normally take 9-10 months… We are trying to compress that into seven weeks.

HiFi Fitness,, has also graciously donated their facility to allow Janell and I to work together. Their facility is by far the most well rounded and well equipped facility I have have ever been in.

These contributions are beyond appreciated, although I am a little worried how I can keep up this pace.

Also today, I received the boat in the mail. Having neither built a boat, nor really built anything, this boat is going to very challenging. I successfully completed day one which included unpacking, inventory, and epoxy stitching the primary boards for the base and boat walls. Stay tuned for further updates and photos of the progress.

More than anything at this point, I need help spreading the word. This journey will have such a positive impact on so many kids. To be a bit transparent, I am worried about all that remains, but I am giving this everything I have. Lurie’s helps so many kids and is leading research in childhood cancers.

Neuroblastoma devastates children and families in ways that I can just barely grasp. I truly hope that what I am doing will, in at least a little way, help make a difference. Remember, we all have the power to make a difference…

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